Who we are

Perry Bird Pickets was established in 1979. The brain child of Graeme Bird, who saw a niche in the market to replicate original Victorian, Edwardian and Federation fences and Verandahs, hence promoting the aesthetic and functional façade of our cosmopolitan Melbournian streetscape.

Graeme Bird was later joined by his wife Donna, and together they have developed and enhanced the dynamics of Perry Bird Pickets, placing the company securely at the forefront of the fencing, verandah, and restoration industry.

Perry Bird Pickets remains a family business, enlisting other family members to contribute to it’s success and longevity, in a sometimes challenging market.

The success of Perry Bird Pickets lays primarily with the passionate commitment of Graeme Bird, who sees a project, whether it is for a woven wire fence, or a grand Cast Iron and Bluestone fence, and he has an innate vision of the finished product. He is truly an Artisan, with a wealth of period and architectural knowledge, which he gladly shares with clients, architects and heritage officers alike.

Perry Bird Pickets has literally undertaken thousands of projects, including Woven Wire fences, Picket fences, Ripple Iron fences, the endlessly creative Handrail fences, Cast Iron fences both modest and grand, and Verandahs, both timber and Cast Iron. Other projects very dear to Graeme Bird are the more unusual projects like the Boat Shed we erected in the Botanical Gardens, along with Towers, and the restoration of original grave sites. Most recently Graeme Bird has reproduced components of the original cast iron crypt where the founder of Australian Rules Football: Thomas Wills, is buried, and restored the grave to its former glory.
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white house with cast ironfencing
We at Perry Bird Pickets are always mindful of the fact that the front fence and verandah are such an integral part of a home, both visually and financially, hence we aspire to create a fence or verandah sympathetic with the features and era of the property, which adds stature and value to your property. Our dedication to quality, and commitment to detail is confirmed by the return custom of our many clients, who return to us for another project each time they move house.

A stroll through the inner Melbourne suburbs will reveal the extent of our projects, displaying with honour, our Perry Bird Pickets Badges, as a testament to beauty, to longevity, and to quality.
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